"Harbor and Home" Mural Restoration

I was beyond excited to get the opportunity to renew the mural that hangs on the fence out front of the Action shelter in Gloucester, MA. "Harbor and Home", originally painted by Cole Herbst in 2010 had seen a lot of weather damage over 7 years and needed some work. I did have a minor involvement when the mural was first created, I remember outlining some buildings that's about it, and because Cole was now living out of state he gave me the go ahead to take on the task of restoration. I had the luxury of being able to take the mural home and work on it in my basement, it was painted on two sheets of 4' x 8' PVC board so it was very easily movable(shouts out to Cam and Andy for letting it take up the whole basement for a few months). Along with cleaning and restoring the mural Action Inc. had requested a few minor changes and adjustments as well. I was happy but nervous about the alterations, I did not want to ruin the already beautiful mural so I took my time and really thought out every decision. The biggest and most noticeable change would be the border, in order to enhance the trompe l'oeil effect I stretched the image an extra foot on both sides to reach the edge of the canvas. I added a seagull and some pilings on either end to act as bookends while still being incorporated as part of the overall scene. Along with the border I also changed the boat that occupied the water in the mural. The original boat looked more like a navy ship and the mural was supposed to depict Gloucester's harbor as home, so I got rid of the ship and painted in my Uncle Pat's lobster boat RIZLA II, a real working boat out of Gloucester's harbor. I also added some lobster buoys here and there to fill up the space in the water. Upon finishing the mural myself and David Brooks both sprayed multiple layers of clear coat to really make sure the image lasts through the seasons. HUGE Thank you to Action Inc, David Brooks and Cole Herbst for making this happen. Enjoy pictures of the restoration process below and go check out the mural in person at 370 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930.



Harbor and Home 2010 original 

Harbor and Home 2017 original

cracking and fading around the shoreline

cracking and fading around the shoreline

detail of damage to buildings and bridge

buildings and sky faded

After sanding and cleaning I applied some primer to the whole mural and began making adjustments using graphite

adjustments to the right half

right half adding color

left half adding color

and more color..

And more color..


Full mural in progress

adjusting colors to try and match the original more 

Finally restored!

Finally restored!

David Brooks putting the mural up

Dave and myself


Jason Burroughs